Step 1

Great design starts with a partnership of visionary ideas and clarification of wishes. At Concept Design Studio, the initial meeting starts with a relaxing atmosphere, listening intently over coffee or lunch. Just conversation, pen, paper, and a collaboration of thoughts. We call it “The Kitchen Table,” where we discuss ideas and solutions without pressure, ending the initial meeting with a clear understanding of your vision, pain points, and values. Our goal is to establish a foundation built on trust from day one, and it all begins at the Kitchen Table.

Schematic Design

Step 2

The next step: Our passion is to bring the client’s ideas into fruition.Concept Design Studio will begin the process of Schematic Design. Based on the client’s vision and scope of the project, two or three options will be generated creating a visual representation, while remaining flexible and responsive to our clients values and needs. The goal is to realize a mutual understanding and an accommodating plan, while moving forward with Architectural talent, expertise, and quality design. This is where the fun begins!

Design Development

Step 3

What comes next: The Design Development phase, as the project begins to take shape, we continue to keep the lines of communication open addressing any issues that may arise to help minimize confusion, while providing cost effective pain point resolutions. This is the step where the final design is selected, requested modifications and revisions will be addressed and updated to meet the client’s vision and specifications. Responsive communication is extremely important during this period, as we work together to finalize the details, before moving forward.

Construction Documents

Step 4

Now the time together really pays off. Up next, Construction documents. The design is now finalized and the concept is ready for drawings, notes, and technical specifications. Documents are prepared for bidding, permit applications, and construction. The accuracy of the documents is critical to providing correct information, permitting contractors to correctly bid on the project minimizing costly changes later. Bidding and negotiations will be implemented shortly following these documents. At Concept Design Studio, we are happy to assist clients during this phase to provide input on value, quality, and cost effectiveness of submitted contractor bids.

Celebrate Completion

Step 5

We take you from concept to project and completion, and the last step is celebration your new space with the ribbon cutting. At Concept Design Studio, we like to finish at the Kitchen Table, coming together and celebrating the opening of your new facility—a team win built from our collaborative thoughts and your vision.